During the long and difficult gestation period of our techniques, only pledged in the company comrades who were attacked, willing to work and fight to succeed.

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This deadline approaches. Our experience she will count for reforms to promote, or, once again is do we settle for patching up some of the old to make illusion? The decision depends in published at least, the theoretical and practical value of our long experience, we have to improve constantly the teachings.

2 °. – The official educational backgrounds are particularly concerned about these issues and the recent find someone to do your homework
Ministerial Instructions surround them in a way that we can consider as very satisfactory. In theory at least, for now remains to be seen whether the reformers will have the financial and technical possibilities to get this theory in the reality of our classrooms.

And if the Ministerial Instructions for Scientific Works Experimental, and, more recently, for the Transition Classes and Terminals, where our teaching is to honor, will give life to the promise they bring us virtuality. If the NIS and its journal The Liberator School are these serious problems Modernizing Education complicit silence, the great news is agitated and questions, and questions. The Federations of Parents of students are moved. Reform is in the air.

Its consequences may well one day soon, sweep bang on the sleepy University. 3 – The school reform being forced administrators to lay the groundwork to set deadlines, we are sure in advance that they will not be respected. In two years, the school will be legally extended to 16 years; CEP will be deleted. Primary education will end in 11-12 years, the output of CM2. The training of children, in the 2nd round, go up well or poorly to a culture of education is certainly no shortage of hazards.

But the big problem is the fate of 30 to 50% of children who turned away at the entrance into 6th, will continue their classes up to 16 years. To do what? They are almost totally disobedient to traditional education who signed their failure. And yet most of them moderately or excellently gifted, could go to a well-understood culture. But what will this culture?

Will they be predestined, because they have not forked laughed or 12 years, the minor fate of laborers or workers for line work? This will be if the school does not discover a new form of culture even life and work; not just a training manual, as opposed to the intellectual culture of the “elite”, but a culture that, in the complex environment of peasant or worker munirait individuals a maximum knowledge for maximum potentialities by an exaltation of all the prominent forms of intelligence and progress, through the creation and action.

Where are the teachers? Who will they be? We bring it to a now proven pedagogy, techniques really commensurate with the children and our classes.

The Ministerial Instructions recognize the constructive role of vanguard that we played. But there is a dark spot, and size. Because of the delay by the administration in the training of educators who will be needed in two years, it is not yet certain that the necessary classes, if indeed they are open, are the holders.

And si they do, it will necessarily trained educators to the old teaching that went bankrupt, or have been hastily recycled and which, in the best contingencies, will be just able to practice modern techniques with traditional spirit . For it is not only a lack of money as the Transition classes and Terminals can fail. Of course, we advise those of our members who are able to engage in these new classes where they will be able to promote our pedagogy.

Their example can at least testify that I.M. can pass into the facts and the Modern School well holds the keys – or keys – the success of this teaching. The introductory courses and training The issue is related also that he introductory courses and training Given our educational maturity, it would be normal indeed whether Modern School which is officially the responsibility of the educational recycling of future teachers of class and Transition Terminals.

The technical organization of these courses may continue to be provided by CEMEA, but on condition that they be Modern School teachers who provide lessons not only trained monitors to games and entertainment camps. It is not a question of precedence.

We only say that if you will, in accordance with IM, introduced in Transition classes and Terminales modern pedagogy, yet it would have to be known – not only verbally – and practiced for those who are to teach in these classes . The influx overflowing with twenty courses we held we actually shows that many educators who, for various reasons are interested in our teaching and wish them learn. If an organization supported by the state had the authority and the means to organize such courses, the problem of teaching in classes from the reform would have some chance of being solved.

In front of the red tape and if the inability to implement school reform made obsolete solemnly laws passed, it may well be that one day next parents themselves proclaim their discontent and attract the authorities to finally take the steps s ‘impose. 4 °. – It follows from all this that many educators are now aware of a change in methods.

Young people in particular, whose function is not yet automated by routine, and who suffered, and who suffer from the inadequacy of the school, are ready to engage in a more or less radical change of their teaching technique . They vaguely heard of Freinet Techniques In their minds this designation means nonconformity and release – and they are not wrong. But ease is the most tempting slope, they sometimes think it will be enough to let them free text vague or no longer recite lessons to be modernized their class.

If in doubt, at least, and they participate in an internship, their ideas would be somewhat clarified. If they attend meetings of the departmental panel and come in contact with more or less experienced educators, the damage will be minimized.

The danger is that too impulsive indecisive engage in our techniques without any preparation, without a knowledge of our elementary books and our magazines, merely destroy what is without apply in parallel to build in new spirit which has always mobilized us. And they call Technical Freinet an adventure whose parents will complain, and against which the inspector will be forced to react, sometimes even prohibiting Freinet techniques. Why do we insist on this fact?

Because it provides us with a real danger. During the long and difficult gestation period of our techniques, only pledged in the company comrades who were attacked, willing to work and fight to succeed. Warm and timid were eliminated automatically by the accumulation of difficulties.

Now is the opposite tends to happen. Our teaching and administrative success, benevolence of the majority of IP for educators who dare to think outside the box may lead us comrades who will not take our technology than they have engaging and seemingly easy that they will be powerless to offset the deep understanding and work that would help to promote.

But we have no other means of spreading our pedagogy as living examples that we can offer in every corner of the territory, they are our strength and the blatant demonstration of the superiority of our techniques, it would be unfortunate and dreadful this is a beneficial chain threatened day and contradicted by another chain, alas! spectacular schools that have failed to learn from our teaching everything it promises. If as a result of new circumstances and this impotent bastard chain was growing at the expense of the successful chain, we run the risk of spread like wildfire the idea – which would obligingly spread by our enemies always – the Freinet techniques are unsuccessful, he must abandon them and look better, waiting to prohibit.

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